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Archimides Hair Transplantation Latest Technique in Hair Transplantation


Dil Seçimi

How was Archimedes Hair Transplantation Developed?

We see helices everywhere when see look at galaxies, nature and living creatures. These helices can be remarkably seen in human body, finger prints and vertex of scalp.

When we evaluate the vertex of human scalp, we can clearly see that the helices we are endowed with create the basis of natural look, even the way of combing our hair forms according to helices at the vertex. Therefore, hair transplant should take the vertex as a reference to create a natural look.

Considering the fact that even science and technology are, recently, inspiring the nature to develop, failure to reference the alignment in the nature, the human itself, has led to unnatural look in hair transplants.

When we review poor outcomes of hair transplant, it is obvious that hair follicles are transplanted by violating the center of helix. Poorly planned hair transplant that is not based on vertex will offer dissatisfactory outcomes, as they violate rules of nature.

The most natural look is obtained when the reference point is the vertex for hair transplant procedure. Alignment of hair that starts from the vertex and creates a formation of nested spirals exactly looks like a spider web and offers a natural look. The most natural look relative to natural hair can be achieved only when measurements and plans are based on the vertex.

Hair transplant techniques are based on strengthening and collecting hair follicles. Almost all of these techniques ignored natural hair alignment.

Vertex point of scalp is taken as the start point for measurement during Archimedes Hair Transplantation. Baseline measurement should be started with Archimedes helix that takes the vertex as a reference point. It should be based on an equation: diameter of the helix in scalp divided by face. As is the case with alignment of hair, it covers the entire scalp in the form of a helix. In fact, the outermost line of our hair is the largest arm of the helix.

After the helix is completed in scalp hair, it is time to create vertical lines on vertex. These lines are marked on entire scalp with reference to posterior side of ear and face, eyes and eyebrows. These marks shall be used for correct distribution of grafts. The next step is to transfer hair follicles at correct direction. The alignment should properly fit to curves of Archimedes helix. When hair follicles are transplanted, it is necessary to follow the curves of helix even at parts with a right angle relative to spirals. The curve is divided into sections by transplanting hair follicles proportionally according to number of collected grafts. Transplantation should be started from vertex. Benefits of Archimedes hair transplant: A “natural look” is obtained after hair transplant procedure. Transplantation pattern of hair follicles follows a mathematical plan rather than random transplantation. Wound healing rate increases thanks to helices used in Archimedes Hair Transplantation. Archimedes Hair Transplantation ensures that hairs cover each other, resulting with thicker hair. Hair will look voluminous and thick on anterior and posterior views after hair transplantation with spiral technique.