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Archimides Hair Transplantation Latest Technique in Hair Transplantation


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Dr. Ahmet Katı

Dr. Ahmet Katı

Following his graduation from Biology School of Karadeniz Technical University in 2009, Dr. Ahmet KATI had his master’s degree in Microbiology in 2011. Next, he completed his doctorate studies in 2016 within scope of cooperation between industry and university with SAN-TEZ programme supported by Ministry of Industry in Biotechnology field in Yeditepe University. He performed production modeling studies at industrial scale for the first time in our country to use a local microorganism for biological intervention. The products manufactured within scope of this study are jointly used by Entovest and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as a natural insecticide to struggle mosquitoes. Relevant product was protected with patent.

He gained experiences in information transfer from university to industry and commercialization of know-how by taking a role in various industrial projects during his doctorate studies.

He founded Biotechnology Research Group in following years. Based on this studies conducted there, he primarily focused on human skin and undertook positions in projects that investigate effects of diapers, hygienic pad, detergents and sanitary papers on human skin.

He and his research team work to finalize the projects of correct alignment model of hair follicles in Hair transplantation, Archimedes Helix/Spider Hair Transplantation Technique.

In the field of Hair Transplantation, they operate to develop the correct alignment model of the roots to be transplanted, Archimedes Spiral / Spider Hair Transplantation technique, and to implement their projects together with the research team.

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