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Where are we?

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

Why Hisar Hospital Intercontinental?


-Targeted treatment with cutting edge and reliable technology,

-Personalized treatment plans,

-Multidisciplinary treatment approach,

-Specialized physician and healthcare personnel staff,

- New equipment and devices,

-Superior clinical outcomes,

-Patient satisfaction,

-24/7 service,

-Capacity of 212 beds in 8-floor facility,

-75 m2 suite rooms,

-Indoor area of 35 thousand m2,

-7 operating theatres, 53 outpatient clinics,

-Intensive care units with 33 beds,

-Hyperbaric Oxygen Center at the hospital,

-PYXIS computerized drug system working with fingerprint,

-2200 m2 social waiting areas,

-An architecture designed for the comfort of our patients…

We ensure that our patients and their relatives receive comfortable healthcare services with our architecture beyond hospital atmosphere, large lobby areas, waiting rooms, indoor and outdoor cafeterias and restaurants, patient rooms in hotel comfort.

We Are At Your Service to Ensure Your Happiness


Renowned and Successful Physicians

All physicians working at Hisar Hospital have proven themselves with their success.

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Happy Patients

We warrant happiness for all patients who are delivered services at our hospital.

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Treatment Method

We offer many treatment methods for our patients’ problems.

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Supportive Service

We are ready to answer all your questions before and after your treatment.

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Vision, Mission and Values

As Hisar Hospital Intercontinental, our priority is always to restore our patients’ health. Therefore, we listen to our patients and their valuable families from the time they enter from the doors of our hospital, throughout the treatment and post-treatment processes and we spend tremendous effort to boost their comfort and satisfaction.


“With endless respect to human life, being a REFERENCE healthcare institution that renders modern, comprehensive and reliable services in global standards”


We adopt the principle of ensure a healthy life for the people by combining the modern technology with quality and effective service approach.


We Care For Our Patients

With the principles of “Responsibility, Sensitivity and Sharing” we try to understand all the needs of our patients and their families and assist them during all the processes from the time they present to our hospital to treatment plan and discharge.

We Care for Your Safety

We care for the safety of our patients, their families and our employees. We try to ensure that no one gets hurt due to preventable mistakes and take measures by evaluating all the potential risks that may threat the health of our patients.

We Know and Protect Your Rights

We ensure that our patients have sufficient and clear knowledge about their rights and responsibilities as long as they receive services from our hospital. We know your rights when you are at our hospital and we protect your rights indiscriminatingly.

We Show Awareness to the Society and Environment

We spend effort to be sensitive to the society and environment. We laboriously try to protect the natural resources to protect human health and boost the quality of life. In case of any condition that negatively influences the environment, the condition is immediately identified and we always control our wastes.

Our Quality Policy

To render quality healthcare service with up-to-date technology required by modern medicine,

To conduct studies to preserve and improve public health,

Constantly improve employees’ satisfaction and education,

To ensure optimum financial performance,

To make no concessions from Quality Management System conditions and continuously improve the effectiveness of the system,

To ensure constant development.

Accommodation in 5-Star Hotel

We offer accommodation in the best hotels of Turkey during the treatment period for our patients coming from abroad or from outside the city.

Quality Travel of Hisar Hospital (JCI)

Our hospital that has the JCI accreditation certificate based on its compliance to internationally acknowledge standards is regarded among renowned healthcare organizations of the world.

Quality Travel of Hisar Hospital

Our JCI Accreditation Certificate is renewed that is the evidence of quality service at international standards… Undergoing the first audit by JCI (Joint Commission International) on December 7-11, 2020, Hisar Hospital Intercontinental is certified for the fifth time and thus, the importance attached to patient and employee safety, quality management in health and its determination on continuous improvement are proven. Our certificate is issued that is valid until December 2023 and it is sent to our hospital.

Our hospital that has the JCI accreditation certificate based on its compliance to internationally acknowledge standards is regarded among renowned healthcare organizations of the world; moreover, a very important global success is achieved by being accredited in the first year of the foundation. It is proven once more that the quality of healthcare services delivered by its employees is maximized and reflected in practices through its compliance to the standards.

What is JCI Accreditation?

JCI accreditation is regarded as gold standard in global healthcare. The Joint Commission and its ancestor have been devoted to improvement of safety and quality in healthcare services for almost 80 years. They audit approximately 20,000 healthcare programs at global scale through voluntary accreditation. JCI (Joint Commission International) is the affiliate of the JCAHO (The Hoint Commission) that audits and accredits more than 95% of the hospitals in the U.S. It is the only accreditation organization with the standards acknowledged and validated in order to improve the patient safety and care quality that are supported by the World Health Organization at global scale.

Which Standard are Audited in the JCI Accreditation?

International Patient Safety Targets

Access to Care and Continuity of Care

Rights of patient and family

Evaluation of the Patients

Patient Care

Anesthesia and Surgical Care

Drug Management and Use

Patient and Family Training

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Preventing and Controlling Infections

Governance, Leadership and Direction

Facility Management and Safety

Qualification and Education of Employees

Information Management