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Archimides Hair Transplantation Latest Technique in Hair Transplantation


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Hair Transplant is a Surgery! It must be done in the hospital!

Hair transplantation is a job that should be taken seriously!

It's an surgery! It must be done in the hospital!

Yes, hair transplantation is a surgery. Its methods are generally divided into two, namely fue and fut. In Fue, the hair is taken one by one with the help of a motor, in the fut method, which is no longer a preferred method, the patient is subjected to a tissue removal method from the back. Today, fue is the most frequently applied hair transplant technique. Patients mostly choose the fue method.

Hair transplantation takes an average of 6-8 hours. The operation is performed on the patient with sedation or local anesthesia. It is a surgical operation that should be taken seriously. It is best to do it in a full-fledged hospital.

Archimedes hair transplantation is the last hair transplantation method applied only in Hisar Hospital in Turkey. All hair collection methods can be selected in this technique. It is a Alignment technique that targets technical naturalness.

Hisar Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the world that has JCI accreditation with its compliance with internationally accepted standards. As in every operation, patient safety should be the first priority in hair transplantation.

In hair transplantation, businesses should be avoided under the stairs. Care should be taken that the technical team is not subcontracted. Unfortunately, private and most of the big hospitals do not have a hair transplant center. It should not be forgotten that subcontractors are in many places. Since the subcontractor companies are not affiliated with the Hospital, it is not possible to benefit from the facilities of the hospitals such as physicians and operating rooms. This can have bad results.

Hair transplantation also has an important place in terms of health tourism. Our country, which accepts patients from all over the world, is mostly Germany, It is preferred by countries such as Italy, Arabia and England. In the last 5 years, health tourism in hair transplantation has brought billions of dollars to our country. However, hair transplants that are not done by the right people also put health tourism at risk.

Hair transplantation, which seems like a simple procedure, is actually a surgical operation that takes hours and needs to be taken seriously, this should never be forgotten.

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