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Archimides Hair Transplantation Latest Technique in Hair Transplantation


Dil Seçimi

What is Archimedes Hair Transplantation?

Archimedean hair transplantation is the crown of the head of the spiral or spiral pattern, which is found in many examples in nature (galaxies, plants, sea creatures, etc.) It is a planting technique in the form of a spider web at the hair roots, starting from the area of ​​​​the hair, with a perfect angle and direction.

The crown region of the head is considered the origin of all hair follicles and a personalized treatment is required for the hair to reach its natural appearance. With the calculation, a root sowing map in the form of a spiral (or Archimedean helix) is created.

Why is Archimedean Hair Transplantation important?

The most basic principle of Archimedean hair transplantation is to ensure that the roots are carried out with a mathematically calculated spiral distribution from the crown region while hair transplantation is performed. The scalp provides the formation of hair follicles by extending to different areas around the head in spirals starting from the crown area.

By mathematically calculating the transitions between these regions, the angle and direction of the hair can be correctly organized and hair transplantation can be performed. As all hair transplant specialists know closely, hair has a distribution starting from the crown area in terms of angle and direction. However, it is necessary to know some critical details in order to make hair transplantation according to this distribution.

  • Hair naturally transitions slowly from one area to another at an angle. No hair angle changes suddenly on a naturally unplanted scalp, so care should be taken with these gradual transitions for optimal naturalness.
  • Hair that suddenly changes angle from one area to the adjacent area is very difficult to comb and can make the hair look messy.
  • Since the angles of hair transplants change suddenly and a sudden change in the angle leaves too much space between the regions, it can leave a bald space between them.
  • Since the hair cannot be clamped properly when the angle changes suddenly, the visual density of the hair transplant areas is compromised.

What are the advantages of Archimedean hair transplantation?

The goals of hair restoration in which the angles and directions to be made starting from the crown area will be made spirally are as follows;

  • Since there is hair on the top of the crown, it is to increase the visual density when someone looks at you from the front.
  • The crown area is full and round in people who have not lost their hair. Accordingly, with spiral-based hair restoration, the individual's anterior,
  • When someone looks at you from behind, it is to regain the hair that has been lost in the back.

Can Every Hair Transplant Be Archimedes Hair Transplant?

Unfortunately, it is impossible for every hair transplant to be Archimedean hair transplant. As a person who has had a hair transplant myself, I have experienced that only the front view of the hair and the forehead line are taken into account in the current transplant techniques, and a backward transplant technique is followed, starting from the front. The harmony or integrity of the shed area with the non shed area is not taken into account during transplantation. Because no geometry, calculation or a personalized approach can be applied in existing hair transplants.